Welcome to our first “baloney”!

Hello to all and welcome to our first baloney! I was just asked by a friend this week what the benefits of utilizing solid surface are for her project (as opposed to laminate surfacing). For me, a person who loves to cook, my first thought is to answer on how great solid surface is to prepare meals on; it is ideal for rolling out cookies and pasta and so easy to clean. I also have solid surface in my bathrooms, both on the countertops, as shower and tub surrounds and I even had it installed on the ceiling above our showers! The sanitary, easy to clean aspect of this material is ideal for this purpose. It basically just wipes clean and always looks great. Solid Surface can also be buffed periodically over the years making it look new all over again for a nominal cost.

Laminate tops are still a great choice and are less expensive than solid surface, but they tend to show their age quicker and over time, especially in the kitchen, will show wear and are unforgiving when scratched, chipped or exposed to wet areas for prolonged periods of time.

Following is some info that I thought would be very useful for those who would like to know more about solid surfacing material.

Why Choose Solid Surface?
Solid surface is an extraordinarily versatile and beautiful surfacing material which offers a host of benefits in performance and aesthetics with incredible application and design flexibility. Applications for solid surface are extremely far reaching. Traditionally, the largest market for solid surface is kitchen & bathroom countertops. The design flexibility, color and texture options and performance attributes of solid surface are driving more and more builders, architects, designers and homeowners to choose solid surface.

What is a solid surface?
Solid surface is a hard synthetic material (polyester or acrylic) with natural fillers, primarily used for horizontal countertops and vertical wall applications, e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, service counters, tub and shower walls (surrounds), etc.

Is it easy to keep clean & sanitary?
Yes! It’s probably the easiest countertop to clean and maintain. It’s 100% non-porous and is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Does solid surface stain?
No! Because of its non-porous qualities, stains are not able to penetrate the material. There may be some superficial staining, e.g. coffee, etc., but these can be removed easily by using your household Scotch-BriteĀ® pad.

How long does solid surface last?
Because of its synthetic nature, theoretically it can last a lifetime.

Can solid surface be used in commercial applications?
Absolutely! It is used in many commercial applications due to its durability, look, and the fact that it does not harbor bacteria. It is used for reception counters, teller lines, desks, tray slides, rest rooms, etc.

What colors are available in solid surface & how do I get color samples?
There are tons of colors available to choose from – we can provide Avonite, Corian, HiMacs, & Zodiaq, among others. Just contact our designers at ALBUQUERQUE CABINET BROKERS 505-345-4331 and we will hook you up!

Please let me know if you have any cabinetry or countertop related questions you would like answered and I will do my best to address them in our “baloney” section.

Just email me at shelly@acbrokers.net