The Hottest New Trends Of 2018!

                                                                                                                                                                                                It’s all about GRAY…Gray is a huge hit in our showroom this year and you can see why!

Mid-Continent Cabinetry Wins “Best Of Design” on Houzz!

We here at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers are very proud & excited to learn that Mid-Continent Cabinetry, one of our moist popular cabinet lines, has won “Best of Design” on Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design.

“Our work won in the design category, as our portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2017.”  The article went on to say that the Mid-Continent line was “chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.”

Congratulations Mid-Continent!

Mid Continent Cabinetry Transitional Kitchen Denver in addition to interesting Mid Continent Cabinetry Design – House Design Inspiration

Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers Giving Back To Our Amazing Community & Helping Roadrunner Food Bank!

Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers Giving Back To Our Amazing Community!

In honor of Scott Tregembo, Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers will be collecting food for the Roadrunner Food Bank every October from now on – we had a great response and collected tons of food! Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers is also looking at having a Spring food drive for the month leading up to Easter.

YELP event at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers! What a great time!

Thanks to our local YELP Elite Members for a fabulous time! I am not sure who had a better time, YELP or Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers! We were also able to collect a load of food for the Roadrunner Food Bank! Take a look at the event page by using the link below. Here are a few of the party reviews:

Alicia F.

This was a really cool event.  I really didn’t know what to expect… I knew we would get to hear about cabinets and eat some goodies, but this was so much more than that.  We started the night off with the goodies from Torino’s @ Home.  There were sandwiches, local beer, and wine.  While we ate we got to talk with one of the salesman, and he and my dad discussed the logistics of the cabinets (the wood type, the fact that their clientele is both commercial and residential, and an overall discuss about the company). The staff members at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers  were amazing.  They are super welcoming and friendly and are pretty much there to meet your needs.  They made it clear that if you can imagine it, they will build it.

After the eats and mingling, we got to take a tour.  When they said tour, I thought we were just going to see the showroom, but oh no… We got to even see the woodshop!  Call me weird, but that is my favorite part!  I loved that we got to see where everything takes place!  We got to see all of the wood, tools, and their current projects!  They have some really great things going on, and they have completed some really great jobs already and have some really cool stuff in the works!  It is great to see a local business working with both the big time businesses as well as the smaller residential jobs. They even mentioned they do work for people out of Albuquerque (for places including Santa Fe and Texas).

After the woodshop tour, we got to tour the showroom.  They have some really cool pieces.  My favorite display was the kitchen model that featured a glass countertop with glass that had originally come from The Pit.  It was a super modern room, and the countertop even had a light feature that was controlled by a remote.

Basically this place has a huge selection of any color, any wood, and a wide variety of materials that you can use to remodel your home or business.  If you have cabinet needs definitely check this place out!  These are great people that will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what your heart desires to accomplish your dream home.

Ashley G.

Food, booze, and cabinetry! Apparently it’s a Yelp combo for one helluva good time because we had a fabulous evening! Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers were the ultimate hosts and our new best friends!

We arrived to find cheese, bread, salad and sandwiches from Torino’s @ Home as well as chocolate galore. There was a great selection of local beers and fantastic wines as well as cold water and a ready Keurig.

The food was delicious and the beverages were refreshing but it was the company that put everything over the top.

Our hosts at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers were knowledgeable and wowed us with some of their current projects. Their showroom was incredible. So incredible that my husband and I already have a few projects in mind for our home!

We can’t wait to come back to see our new friends again! If you haven’t met them yet, it’s time you do!