Barbara Wallis of Paako Studios just sent us a terrific letter! What an honor to receive from such a talented and creative designer!

The New ’66 ACRES’ Restaurant across from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center….Oh Yeah…that was US!!

We are so proud to have provided the woodwork for Myra Ghattas on her newest venture, 66 Acres! The new restaurant is located at 2400 12th Street NW, Building B North in Albuquerque across from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Our roving photographer took some really great pictures we hope you all enjoy looking at, and then treated himself to a Harissa Portabella Bowl and Banana Pudding. He said the food and the atmosphere were amazing and made it clear in no uncertain terms that if we needed more photos from 66 Acres that all it would cost us is another meal! Congratulations, Myra from all of us at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers.

Be sure to check out this great article courtesy of the weekly alibi, all about 66 acres:

Harissa Portabella Bowl
Banana Pudding

Take A Look At This Letter From Amazing Local Architect Joe Slagle!

“As an architect in Albuquerque for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to work with Gary, Shelly and everyone at ACB on many projects over the years. It has been my experience that they are professional craftsmen that take pride in their work and always deliver beyond expectations while remaining within budget. I have been amazed at times that they were actually able to construct some of my crazy ideas so when it came time to build our new house, I did not hesitate to call Gary because I knew the job would be in budget and something I would be proud of for years. ACB did not disappoint. The cabinets in my house are beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend ACB to anyone who is considering a residential or commercial project that involves casework.”