We’re a top-notch team

We have assembled a great group of folks who are highly skilled, experienced, creative, and professional – not to mention just plain nice to work with. (If we do say so ourselves.) We keep our promises and don’t quit until you’re completely happy with the results.

Kick the tires! The best way to see what we’re all about is to visit our beautiful showroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Check out our huge selection of samples. Test cabinet doors and drawers. Pretend to cook (or do the dishes if that’s your thing) in our full kitchen displays. And chat with our friendly team members who will gladly answer all your questions.

Shelly Harwood – Shelly uses her extensive background in contract administration and construction management to keep people, projects and accounting on track at ACB. She has been active in the construction community for years and has served on the board of the Architectural Woodworking Institute. Shelly loves spending time with all five of her kids – two sons and three dogs—and, occasionally, perfecting her karaoke skills.

Gary Harwood – Gary has been a highly respected member of the woodworking industry for years. He has helped lead our company, applied his vision and skilled craftsmanship to countless projects, and as a Project Manager is a pleasure to work with as he has the ability to approach even the most challenging project with a positive, can do perspective. Gary has served several terms as a member of the board of the Architectural Woodworking Institute, most notably as Vice President and President.

Jeff CassedyJeff Casedy — As a high school basketball coach, Jeff knows the importance of enjoying his work and paying attention to the fine details. He has carried that passion and precision over into his work at Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers for the last 12 years. Jeff has an Associates Degree in Architecture, a background in designing, building and installing cabinets, and a naturally friendly personality. He enjoys staying active, whether he’s mountain biking, traveling, rebuilding old furniture, woodworking or spending time with his family and his dogs.

Nathan Martinez — Nathan Martinez has been with Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers since the beginning. Nathan’s expertise is as a Master Custom Fabricator & Finisher. Nathan also has a tremendous knack as a leader, teacher and motivator to those around him. Nathan is an avid outdoors-man and always has a fresh hunting, fishing or camping tale to tell which almost always end with a good hearty laugh. He is also a very talented maker of jerky and can BBQ and smoke any other cook off the table. Nathan is a dedicated husband and father of two sons, Johnathan & Joseph.

Albuquerque Cabinet Brokers Staff

Architectural Woodwork Institute
We are a proud member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute & subscribe to their practices & code of ethics. We have been a member in good standing since 1991.

Green Building
Our environment is important to us personally and as a company, so we follow green building practices as often as possible. We’ve helped commercial and residential clients secure Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their projects. We also sell many products that meet strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements and are made from recycled materials.

Architectural Woodwork Institute Certified
We are proudly certified for premium grade woodwork by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

ADA Compliance
Our staff is well trained in handicap accessible design and we strive to meet every customer’s accessibility and accommodation needs. Many of our manufacturers offer Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant cabinetry.